Bitcoin-accepting vendors increased 174% in 2023: BTC merchant tracker -

The crowdsourced mapping data reports a concentration of Bitcoin-accepting merchants in Europe and Latin America.

The number of merchants listed as accepting Bitcoin

tickers down

payments globally went up nearly three-fold in 2023, according to data from Bitcoin merchant mapping provider BTC Map.

As per the latest data from BTC Map, the number of restaurants, bars,

shops and services listed to accept the digital asset hit 6,126 by the end of 2023, up from just 2,207 merchants at the start of the year.

This was a slight decline since the peak of 6,590 merchants in late September.

BTC Map uses open-source mapping data from OpenStreetMap to allow businesses and

users to tag places where people can pay with Bitcoin — meaning the increase could also be a function of users more diligently adding businesses to the database.

The map shows larger concentrations of BTC-accepting merchants in Central and South

America and fewer across Africa and Asia. The United States and Europe also showed higher numbers of merchants accepting cryptocurrency.

The Philippines had the most merchants in Southeast Asia,

and there were virtually none across China, India and Russia, according to the map.

In November, Cointelegraph reported that many merchants accepting crypto assets sell them back to

markets after receiving them.

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